Fill in the Blank Essay Example for AP

This is an example of a sentence-by-sentence outline for a variety of essay types (argumentative, persuasive, expository, etc). Your assignment is to create a five paragraph, 25 sentence outline using this introduction as a model. It’s due at the end of the period.
Sentence 1- The “Hook” a sentence that introduces the major point of your essay, and grabs the reader’s attention.
Sentence 2- Introduce the major focus of your essay, but does not give away any specific examples or pieces of evidence.
Sentence 3- Continues to explain the major focus of your essay, but may include one specific piece of evidence.
Sentence 4- Narrows the topic down to your thesis. Often contains some sort of transitional phrase or technique.
Sentence 5- Contains your thesis: one sentence that clarifies your argument and clearly states the major focus of your essay.

Upon completing the assignment, begin preliminary research on Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
Consider the following questions:
  1. What is its publication history? What were the events in U.S. History at the time of its writing?
  2. Did these events influence Miller?
  3. What kind of critical reception did the play receive?
  4. Why was the play set in in 1692?
  5. What was "America" like in 1692, historically (consider as many aspects of culture you can find).

Place your findings in a Word Document and be prepared to share them with the class.